Site Administrator Defined
The Site Administrator (hereafter referred to as the SA) is the authorized controller of the hosted website (hereafter referred to as the Site).

The SA has full and total control over the functionality of the Site (within Haven's parameters, of course). This includes but may not be limited to the setup, layout, features and functions of the Site.

During any Beta period, it is helpful for the SA to have a rudimentary knowledge of HTML elements. After the Beta period expires, the SA will not be required to have any HTML knowledge at all. The Beta SA's will be solicited for input on how to best arrange elements to allow for total flexibility by future SAs.

The SA is a non-compensated position. Attempts by a SA to profit from their Site will result in possible termination of the Site and/or legal action, at the full discretion of Haven.

The SA takes responsibility for the content of the Site. If any offensive or illegal content is posted to the Site, the SA will be given the opportunity to clean up the issue. Failure to comply with such a request can result in the termination of the Site and possible referral to relevant law enforcement agencies, depending entirely on the nature of the offense and the discretion of Haven.

Lastly, the SA will be responsible for the payment of services, should any such services be purchased from Haven Web Services, LLC. Failure to pay for any such requested services shall result in the removal of those services and the Site reverting back to only gratis services.
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